Science Fiction Slope Soarers

 Sci-Fi Slope Soaring building/flying contest. 

* Can be built to any configuration or with any materials
* Does not have to be known to the sci-fi world
* Must be able to fit inside a 2.5m circle when stationery on the ground in the model's normal horizontal position.
* Must be able to remain airborne during flight for 3 minutes without artificial assistance
(This rule may change depending on the prevailiing conditions on the day.)
* Must be able to land safely 
* Is allowed to be powered by electric motors. Petrol or diesel engines are not allowed.
* Must not have been in existence prior to November 2012


* The pilot can be the sole builder, can have someone else build the model or be part of a team
* The person in charge of the project can be the pilot, the builder or a team member
* The pilot must be a competent RC pilot
* Winner/s and place-getter/s to receive medals
* If more than one person is involved in the project, prize money will be shared equally 

* Each model must complete two flights - flight scored for impressive performance
* Aerobatics are not required - judged on scale and realisitc performance only
* If the model crashes on landing and is unable to fly again within 15 minutes on request no score will be given for that flight 

* Model scored for stand-off appearance
* Model scored for quality of building close up
* Model scored for presentation of background documentation, i.e. history in the sci-fi world if any and/or history of the build.  This must be presented on a 6m high x2m wide board to be errected next to the model or laid on the ground

Once a viable amount of entries have registered, a timeline will be set and a venue announced. 

We are currently looking for sponsors to put up prizes and prize money.  Enquiries are welcome.

If this is something you are keen to become involved in, drop us a line. 

enjoy some sci-fi pics

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